Indian Cashew Nut Curry (Kaaju Curry) With Paneer

Cashew is very healthy dry fruit and in India Goa is famous for cashew farming, it is very good for health. Cashew curry is wonderful dish, you can make vegetarian and non-vegetarian both curries. A recipe for making cashew curry with cottage cheese. Today i have made cashew curry to make my wife happy and it worked. You can also try this at your home as recipe for this dish is very simple.


Ingredients for Cashew curry

  1. Cashew 1 cup.
  2. Cumin seeds 1 table spoon.
  3. Dried fenugreek leaves(Kasuri Methi) 2 table spoon.
  4. Bay leaves one.
  5. Garam Masala 1/2 table spoon.
  6. Garlic 7-8 cloves.
  7. Ginger 1 inch.
  8. Onion 2 medium size.
  9. Green chilli 2.
  10. Cottage cheese 150 gm.
  11. Red chilli powder 1 table spoon(Kashmiri or Degi Mirch).
  12. Turmeric 1/2 table spoon.
  13. Refined or Clarified butter 2 spoon.
  14. Salt to taste.
  15. Milk Cream 1-2 spoon for garnishing.
  16. Coriander leaves 1 bunch for garnishing.

Recipe for making cashew curry

  1. Wash and soak cashew, fenugreek leaves and cumin seeds for 30 minutes.
  2. Make fine paste of cashew, fenugreek leaves and cumin seeds in grinder by adding some water to it.
  3. Take cut 1/2 onion and cut into small pieces and keep aside.
  4. Make paste of rest onion, garlic, ginger and green chilli.
  5. Put deep pan on stove and heat oil/butter.
  6. Add bay leaves and stir for 30 sec.
  7. Add pieces of onion and fry it till onion get brown.
  8. After this add onion, garlic, ginger and chilli paste and stir it on medium flam till it gets brown.
  9. After this add red chilli powder and turmeric powder to it and stir it for 1 min.
  10. Now add cashew paste and salt and stir it for another few minutes until oil is getting separated as shown here.
  11. Now add some water,cottage cheese and garam masala.
  12. Put lid and cook it for 3-4 minutes.
  13. Kaaju curry is ready garnish it with cream and coriander leaves.

Serve curry with chapati, Puri or rice.

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