Homemade hair oil with curry leaves

This herbal hair oil is prepared using coconut as base oil. Coconut oil is vegetable oil that prevents protein damage of hairs. It is good for massaging hair before washing. Neem leaves in oil helps to cure hair fall and helps in hair growth.  Curry leaves helps hair to retain natural pigmentation and prevents premature hair greying.  You can even eat few curry leaves daily for preventing premature hair greying.

Ingredients for homemade hair oil

  • Coconut oil (100 ml), Curry leaves, Neem leaves

Recipe of hair oil

  • Put coconut oil in thick base pan.
  • Add handful curry and neem leaves in hot coconut oil.
  • Cook till leaves turn black.
  • Strain and store in glass bottle for future use.

Benefits of Homemade hair oil

This herbal hair oil is useful in treating baldness, premature hair fall and hair greying. Coconut oil with curry and neem leaves is also helpful in improving growth and strength of hairs.

How to use

Massage gently on scalp and leave for an hour. Then wash off hair. Do this twice a week.

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