Gur (Jaggery) Paratha

Gur (Jaggery) is unrefined concentrated whole cane sugar without separation of the molasses and crystals. It is used very widely in India, Asia, Latin America and Africa. Jaggery is very healthier compared to refined sugar. In ayurveda it is recommended to consume little amount of  jaggery daily.

In India people eat jaggery by making several dishes of Jaggery. Today I am going to write simple recipe of Jaggery which you can serve as sweet dish after your meal.


– Jaggery 1 cup

– Atta and maida 1 cup

Black pepper powder ½ tbs

Dry ginger(sonth) powder ½ tbs

– Green cardamom powder ½ tbs

– Desi ghee 4 spoon


– Mix atta and maida and make dough by kneading with powder. Leave this for 10 mins.

– Now make jaggery soft by crushing it.

– Make round paratha by rolling and keeping thick in center and thin at circumference.

– Flatten jaggery in palm and put on paratha, apply desi ghee and sprinkle green cardamom powder, black pepper and  sonth. Fold corners to make it ball.

– Flatten it in palm and roll like thick paratha.

– Cook like paratha on tawa.

This dish is very delicious and healthy. I think you should try this.

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