Ginger Mint Chutney

Ginger mint chutney is smooth paste prepared from ginger and mint. It is very nutritious and tasty. This chutney is good for digestive system and improves body immunity to fight infections. Ginger relieves nausea, morning sickness, motion sickness and mint soothes the digestive tract and reduces stomach spasms.

Ingredients of Ginger Mint Chutney

Fresh Mint leaves, garlic cloves, black pepper powder (¼ teaspoon), fresh grated ginger, lemon juice, salt as per taste

Recipe of Ginger Mint Chutney

  • Wash and chop mint leaves.
  • Put in grinder with other ingredients.
  • Add water and grind to make smooth paste.

Benefits of Ginger Mint Chutney

  • Good for digestive system
  • Gives relief in indigestion
  • Nutritious and refreshing
  • Easy to prepare

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