Get rid of ants naturally

There are so many chemical sprays are available in market to get rid of ants but at some places it is not advisable to use these ant killing sprays such as in kitchen.

Kitchen is a place full of edible and ants like to feast on them. When ants get enough food from this place they start to make colony over there and soon you see huge endless line at various areas moving all day and night. Generally black ants do not cause much trouble these love sugar and sweet foods.

But red ants are really a nuisance. These eat everything from sugar, flour to fruits. Red ants love to bite also. So what to do. Outdoor you can use baygon spray, hit or any other spray.

Here is what you can do in kitchen.

  • First of all clean the areas where you see ants in huge number. Use kitchen cleaner to remove traces of edibles.
  • Also make habit to clean kitchen slab after every cooking to keep away insects.
  • If tiles are cracked or ants are living in them then use white cement or tapes to seal.
  • Now in a spray bottle mix soap with water and spray on ants affected areas.
  • This will keep away ants. Next time if you again see ants then simply spray this soapy solution directly on ants. Gradually ants will be removed.

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