5 Simple Beetroot dishes

Beets are very nutritious. You can eat them as salad, juice or boiled dish. While buying beets from market, make sure the green leafy portion is fresh and intact. The beetroot should be firm and have vibrant purple colour. If you need to store beets in fridge for few days then remove the green leafy portion. You can prepare salad of beet by washing under running water and grating.

Common Name: Beetroot, beet, red beet, sugar beet, chukandar

Here are few recipes of beet or chukandar.

Beetroot salad

Cook beets in pan by adding water till they become tender. Cut them in small pieces. Add vinegar, roasted jeera powder, pepper, salt and olive oil. Mix and serve with any dish.

Boiled beets

Wash carefully under running water to remove dirt and soil. Cut in small pieces. Take a pan, put two inch water and bring it to boil. Put beet pieces and cover pan with lid. Cook for not more than fifteen minutes as prolonged heat exposure reduces beetroot nutritional value.  This will make beets tender. Add ghee, mix well and eat. 

Beet Sandwiches

Take boiled beetroot and mash them. On bread slice spread butter, mashed beetroot, cheese, and salt as per taste. Put the other slice. Sandwich is ready to eat.

Beetroot Halwa

Clean and grate beetroot (200 gm). Put in a thick base pan, add some water and cook well. Add desi ghee (50 gm) and fry for few minutes. Add sugar (as per taste) and Khoya (100 gm). Cook for few minutes. Remove from stove and garnish with nuts.

Beetroot Juice

Take one beetroot, one carrot and one apple. Wash and peel outer skin to remove dirt.  Extract the juice using juice extractor. If you do not have extractor, then take fine grater or shredder. Grate, tie pulp in thin cloth and squeeze to get the juice. 

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