Low milk supply in breasts natural remedies

Low milk supply in breast is very  common problem in most the moms during early days after delivery. One can diagnose this if baby is doing frequent feeding and milk is not leaking automatically from nipples and you are feeling your breasts are loose when you are starting feeding to your child.

There may be several reasons for low milk supply in breasts like illness, birth control pill and not proper diet.

Here are some natural home remedies for treating low milk supply in breasts:

  • First thing you must keep feeding your baby regularly because milk production in body is adjusted automatically according to you baby demand. if you feed less then body will produce less milk and if you feed more then your body will produce more milk.
  • Eat nutritious foods like carrots, papaya and saijana. Drink kada(Kwath of milk, Cumin seeds and dry fruits and clarified butter). Don?t worry about weight gain, if you feed regularly you will not gain weight.
  • Drink milk by adding 6 gm cumin powder. Increase cumin quantity in you food spices. This will do the magic in treating low milk supply in your breasts.
  • Eat raw papaya (salad) or by making curry regularly and see the result.
  • Eat Arahar daal(Lentil) by adding clarified butter or simply fry Tuar dall with clarified butter and cumin seeds. Please use butter according to your digestion capacities.
  • Drink carrot juice daily.
  • Eat Saijana(Moringa or Drumstick) leaves bhaji daily. This will do the magic. In some part of India, poor people are using saijana leaves as supplement for women’s. This tree leaves are so nutritious and Indian people are using this from long time.
  • Eat soaked kabuli chanaga(chick pea) every day (2 times a day) with sugar.
  • Mix equal quantity of black cumin with sugar. Grind this and take it 5-6 gm twice with water daily.
  • Eat methi daily to increase milk production.

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