Home remedy for menstrual cycle excessive bleeding

Many women’s experience heavy bleeding during menses and this is known as Menorrhagia. A normal menstrual cycle is indication of a healthy women. If there is very less bleeding or excessive bleeding is indication of some health problem. Weakness is main reason for excessive bleeding.

If this is not treated properly and on time then this can cause many dangerous diseases. It also creates problem in conceiving.

There are many simple and effective home remedies to treat menstrual excessive bleeding.

  • Make powder of aswagandha. Take 6 gm aswagandha powder and 6 gm sugar with water daily. This will improve the condition.
  • Make powder of sugar and kismis(raisin). Eat 1-2 pinch twice daily in morning and evening.
  • Boil 20 gm dhania(coriander) in 200 ml water till water reduces tp 50 ml. Filter this kwath and. Drink this 3-4 times daily by adding some sugar.
  • To control menstrual cycle, make paste of gular fruit by adding water and some refined sugar and drink is for some time.
  • Take jamun seed skin 15 gm, now rub jamun skin with fingers in water and filter this after some time. Dring this 2 times daily.
  • Take full rest in duration of menses
  • Take bath with luke warm water 2 time in periods
  • Do regular exercise.
  • You should visit your doctor if you are not getting any relief and this is best option. Above things you can use as supplement along with your regular treatment as these are natural things and there is no side effects.

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