Moringa Tree Background

Moringa oleifera Tree is native to India and grown world wide due to its great nutrition properties and known by many names in India and world. Word moringa is derived from tamil version of it?s name murnga and it?s Vedic Sanskrit name is Shigru and in India other popular names includes munga, saijan, sojne danta and many more.Moringa Tree

The Moringa Tree

There are about 13 spices of moringa tree with same properties.

This tree grows very fast and can reach up to 12 meters very easily. The bark
of moringa is grey and thick and looks like cork, peeling in patches. Typically moringa looses leave before springs and regrowth new leaves in spring and during this period 8 months old tree starts flowering and fruits starts ripening after 3 month of flowering. But these growing and flowering patterns differs due to climate differences.

In India you can get fresh moringa pod(drumstick) throughout year because of climate differences in different part of country.

Where you can see it?

Moringa can be found any where like parks, home compound, farming lands, on city streets, road sides, rail track sides, unused land, forest reserves etc. In India you can find is very easily although formal cultivation of moringa is very new in India.

Uses and benefits of moringa

This tree is very nutritious specially leaves are used as super food or dietary supplement and its flowers, green pod, and seed oil is also very nutritious. Due to it?s nutritional properties it is in use all over world. it?s is almost 4~5 times nutritious than other vegetables and fruits having more than 50 nutrition. Leaves of moringa are used by many Indian tribal as supplement for pregnant women’s as great source of iron, calcium, potassium, zinc and vitamins. This tree is in use since ancient time as food and medicine in Ayurveda. Now in Africa many health organizations promoting moringa tree as health food. 

People of Indian subcontinents never gave respect to moringa nutritional values as mostly people consume it?s pod(drumstick)  and flowers which is also very rare. We never used it leaves which is now used as super food and sold as supplement by many Indian and other pharmaceutical companies. So please start growing and using saijan tree leaves, flowers as well as drumsticks.

Now moringa is cultivated worldwide and it?s product ware prepared and sold by many companies. Even people are growing moringa in USA and Europe also.

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