Moringa leaves Chutney

Moringa oleifera leaves chutney recipe can be eaten as sauce.

Moringa leaves are highly nutritious.
So if you are eating 100 gm fresh Drumstick tree leaves than it provides you protein equivalent to an egg, calcium equivalent to glass of milk, Vitamin A  equivalent to carrots and  vitamin C equivalent to an orange.
Here is recipe by which you can add moringa leaves in your daily meals. It is simple and quick to make.

Ingredients for Moringa chutney

Drumstick leaves, onion (1), ginger, Tamarind or imli pulp, chilli, garlic (2-3 clove), Salt per taste

Process of making Moringa chutney

  • Wash carefully all Moringa leaves to remove dirt.
  • In grinder add onion, ginger, imli, garlic, chilli and salt.
  • Add water.
  • Grind to make fine paste.

Eat this chutney with your meals.

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