Bariatric Surgery For Severe Obesity

gastric_bypass_surgery_illustrationFor severely obese people Bariatric surgery is most effective way. This procedure is designed to reduce food intake, reduces absorption of calories and nutrients. This procedure is very effective in promoting weight loss and weight related problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. But there are several risk associated with it as Bariatric procedure is surgical.

In this surgical procedure stomach’s size is reduced to a small pouch that is connected to the small bowel, bypassing the rest of the stomach.


In most of the people who had gastric bypass had a median weight loss of 90 pounds (31% initial weight lost). Adults who had gastric banding had a median weight loss of 44 pounds (16% weight lost). But weight loss varies in different people. It also improves diabetes, blood pressure, and lipid outcomes. In females, 2 years after bariatric surgery had improvements in sex hormone levels and sexual functioning.

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