Protein Bars are good option for athletes

As athletes and body builder needs 6 protein rich diet but for most of them it is very difficult to prepare protein food. For these kind of people protein bars are good option to get protein and energy. For vegetarian people these bars are good option as their are many 100% vegetarian protein bars are available.


These bars not only contains proteins but also they contains carbohydrates, vitamin, minerals, amino acids and even some sugars in the bar. One should check the label of product before using them. Fully developed adults needs about 50 gm protein per day and typical protein bars contains 20-25 gm protein so eat them according to your daily needs.

Who can and how to use ?

Person with protein deficiency in the body and athletes, bodybuilders and exercise fanatics can make use of protein bars.

These bars in eaten any time in day but preferably one should eat them before or after workouts

However, it is not always necessary to have them only when there’s a deficiency. Protein bars are particularly useful for athletes (especially marathoners and cyclists), bodybuilders and exercise fanatics who spend a large part of their day doing strenuous physical exercise or training.

Benefits of Protein bars

Here are some reason due to which protein bars are very popular

  1. Protein bars are very convenient and they can be eaten anytime during the day and do not require any effort to make or maintain. All you need to do is open the pack and pop it in your mouth. There is a fixed portion which prevents you from overeating
  2. Protein bars do contain certain amounts of sugars that make them sweet to taste and curbs dessert craving.
  3. Protein bars keep you feeling full for longer. Protein also provides more energy and helps you feel satiated for a long time after you’ve eaten it.

Some Good Brands of protein bars

  • MuscleBlaze Power Bar
    Flavor Chocolate
    5.5 gm of dietary fibre and 20.5gm of protein per bar of 50 gm
  • Extend Delightful Bars
    Flavor Chocolate Delight
    12gm of protein per 40gm, 3gm of fat per bar
  • LABRADA Cookie Roll Bar
    Flavor Iced Brownie

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