Know why eating green salad is important

Salad is very important in our food. Every body should eat salad but for kids it is most important. Salad contains lot of minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber and low in calorie  which is very important for our body.

green salad


You can eat salad at any time but you should eat salad before dinner or with dinner. Salad makes you to not eat much food in dinner. You can eat salad with soup, wheat bread. If some kid want to become slim they should eat lot of salad because it does not contains any oil.

You can make salad very easily at home. Just take green vegetable which is in your house like carrot, radish, cucumber, cabbage, broccoli,  spinach, red tomato etc and cut them in different shapes and mix them by adding some lemon juice and spices. You can also add dry fruits in your salad. You can also add some Italian salad mix for good taste.

Salad is very important for digestion system and it helps you to keep away from obesity.

Some simple and quick Salad recipes

In winters lot of fruits and vegetable are available and you can make different type salad at home.

Fruit Salad

This is most healthy salad, just cut and mix all available fruits at home add some seasoning and enjoy. This will make your brain sharper and increase your appetite.

Vegetable Salad

Cut and mix all fresh vegetable and eat them by adding some spices or Italian salad dressing. You can drink soup of these vegetables by boiling them.

Sprout Salad

You can also make salad from sprouts.

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