How to check unused High-speed download data Airtel broadband

If you are using airtel high speed download data plan with unlimited download. Then there are certain limit for high speed download like 8 GB, 10 GB, 4 GB but this high speed download limit depends upon plan which you have subscribed. After you reach to you download limit you broadband speed will be set to normal for that billing cycle.

Many times we want to know how much high speed download is left. For this you have to register your broadband connection on and from there you can see your left download details.

How to check available airtel broadband download limit online.

– Login to, broadband

After login on home page, you all services will be listed as below


– On Account information page click on your airtel Number (XXXXXXXXXX_dsl).

– Then Click on + do more-> Current uses

This will show you all you data information as shown below.


GB Left In you account is high speed download available and Days left in current billing cycle is no days left to consume available high speed download limit.

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