Treat Respiratory Infections With Black Pepper Powder

Respiratory infections are very common during weather change. Here is a recipe of powder or churna which you can prepare at home to get relief from common respiratory infections such as common cold, coughing, hoarseness of voice, asthma, difficult breathing, bronchitis etc.

Treat Respiratory Infections With Black Pepper Powder

The formulation is easy and requires only two ingredients viz. black pepper powder and mishri.  Mishri is Rock Candy or Crystal Sugar. It is a type of confectionery composed of relatively large sugar crystals. It has demulcent action that helps to ease coughing by soothing the bronchial tension and gives relief in any type of cough.

The other ingredient is black pepper (Piper nigrum) or kali mirch, which is very well known for its medicinal qualities. It has antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-asthmatic, spasmolytic (able to relieve spasm of smooth muscle) and bronchodilatory effect. Black pepper is very useful in treating asthma, cough, cold, fever, and other respiratory diseases. So the combination of black pepper and sugar candy works effectively against respiratory diseases.

The process involves grinding black peppercorns repeatedly to get very fine powder. This powder is sieved through thin cloth. Now in this powder add Mishri or sugar powder in equal amount. Store this powder in air tight container.

The dosage of this powder is 1-2 gms twice a day with honey. Honey further enhances its affectivity.  You may also take this powder while suffering from asthmatic attack, coughing, difficult breathing to stop such sudden attack.

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