Natural ways to treat brittle nails

Brittle nails can be caused by deficiency of bone forming minerals and some time due to long term exposure of nails to moist condition or some harmful chemicals like nail paints.

Symptoms of brittle nails

Causes of brittle nails

Natural treatment of brittle nails

Symptoms of brittle nailsbrittle_nail

Nails become cracked, rough, spited and containing white patches are main symptoms of this condition. If you have these symptoms then it is clear indication that you have malnutrition of bone tissues.

Causes of brittle nails

As per ayurveda nails are by-product of bone forming process so if there is any deficiency of minerals and vitamins required to build healthy bone tissue can cause this condition.

Another reason can be some external factors like long duration wet conditions and some fungal infection can also cause brittle nails.

Natural treatment of brittle nails

  • Ayurvedic medicine triphala guggul is very good for healthy nails, take 200 mg triphala guggul twice daily after meal.
  • Start taking OTC general supplement of calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin D, take it before sleeping as at bed time these will be more effectively absorbed by our body.
  • You can treat this by improving your diet by adding calcium, zinc and magnesium rich diet like dairy products, meat, poultry, beans, nuts and for vitamin D expose your body in direct sunlight for min 30 minutes daily.
  • Many time our body stops absorbing these minerals due to toxins in our colon(intestine). In this case we need to remove toxins from our colon. For this one can use following Ayurvedic formulation.

    Soak 1/2 tea spoon of Triphala powder in 1/2 or 1 cup water overnight and drink this water in morning(First Thing). Drink this regularly for 1~3 month, gradually it will remove toxins from colon and your body will start absorbing minerals properly.

  • White sesame seeds are very good source of calcium and magnesium. Eat one handful white sesame regularity. It will provide appropriate minerals to your body and will cure brittle nails problem.  
  • Physical workout is very good thing as it improves circulation of minerals in body and also improves digestion. Doing workout can also solve brittle nails problem.

Note: Brittle nails is not a disease it self but it is symptom of mineral deficiency in human body responsible for building bone tissues.

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