Miracle of Moringa Leaves to Cure Body Strains

Saijana is commonly know as drum stick. You can find every where tree of saijana in India and other semi-arid, tropical, and subtropical countries. This tree has many medical and nutrient properties. In India and other countries people eat every part of this tree, leave, flowers and most widely fruit(Drum Stick). Leave are very nutrient. I can remember in Allahabad you will find this tree every. But you will find it every where in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. I am writing this post to tell that it leaves can be used to cure body strain and damaged joints and believe me this home remedy is miracle.

How to use for curing body strain or damaged joints?

Use this before sleeping in night or take full rest if you are using it in day.

Take 500 gm to 750 gm soft leaves of saijana and fry them using mustered oil in deep frying pan for 2-3 minute and add some salt.

Now spread this on affected area of body and wrap it with some cotton cloths and tide it so that it can not open and take rest for 6-8 hours and you will feel the relief.

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