Medicinal uses of papaya leaves

Papaya leaves are used for treating various diseases such as digestive system problems, malaria, dengue etc. Nowadays these leaves are very well known for increasing platelet counts in dengue fever. In some places these leaves are steamed and eaten in form of vegetable. These leaves are edible and good for digestive system. Its leaves are also used to prepare papaya tea. Papaya leaves contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin E and vitamin C.

Papaya leaves health benefits

  • Papaya leaves are useful in treating dengue fever. These help to increases platelet levels. Generally 5 ml of its leaves juice is given to patients twice a day.  This is proven in many studies that this effectively increases platelet count in few hours after oral administration.
  • Papaya leaves are very good for digestive system. Its leaves juice can be taken to improve digestive function. This juice contains karpain which helps to kill parasitic micro organisms.
  • Papaya leaves poultice are prepared and applied to get relief from nervous pain.
  • Papaya leaves can be applied externally on wounds, cuts, ulcers for faster healing.
  • Papaya leaves tea is used for treating malaria.
  • Papaya leaves has anti-oxidant activity which help to prevent free radical damage.
  • Papaya leaves decoction prepared in water and taken orally is useful in reducing blood pressure.

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