Punarnava Root and Leaves Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses

Punarnava(Boerhaavia diffusa) is a medicinal herb which is found throughout India. In Ayurveda it is used in preparation of various medicines. It is tridoshnask and helps to balance vaat, pitta and kapha. Generally its roots are used for medicinal purpose. Its tender leaves can be eaten in form of vegetable. It is excellent herb for treating jaundice, liver problems, swelling and water retention in body. Its roots extract is tonic for kidney and liver. It improves kidney function. Due to its diuretic properties it helps to detoxify body, prevents water retention and cures dropsy.

Punarnava is a great medicine to treat jaundice since ancient time and can be used along with other medication.

Punarnava medicinal uses

General Information

Latin name: Boerhavia diffusa
Sanskrit name: Punarnava, Sathi
Hindi name: Punernava
English: Spreading Hogweed
Bengali: Punurnava
Gujarati: Vakhakhaparo, Dholia-saturdo
Marathi: Tambadivasu, Ghetuli
Tamil: Mukaratee-Kirei

Parts used:

Whole herb, roots and seeds.

Punarnava medicinal properties

  • Expectorant
  • Liver protective activities
  • Cures Spleen enlargement
  • Prevents water retention
  • Diuretic and mild laxative

Here are few home remedies that can be done at home to cure various clinical conditions.

  • Insomnia treatment

    Take roots of Punarnava, prepare decoction and drink.

  • Eye related problems

    Grind roots of Punarnava to extract its juice and mix with leaf juice of Bhringraj. Apply this in eyes. This cures various eye related problems.

  • Night blindness

    Grind Punarnava roots and mix white onion juice in it. Filter this juice two to three times. Put this filtered juice (2 drops) in eyes.

  • Mouth ulcers

    Chew Punarnava roots to cure mouth ulcers.

  • Jaundice, Liver problem, Swelling

    Extract Root juice of Punarnava and take twice a day. Or take dried roots and prepare decoction and take twice a day.

  • Coughing

    Take roots of Punarnava (4 gms), Tulsi leaves (3-4) and black pepper (2) and prepare decoction. Filter and add misri and take twice a day.
    Or grind root of punarnava and extract jiuce. Mix with honey and lick this mixture. This can be given to kids.
    Punarnava helps to remove mucous and gives relief in coughing.

  • Chronic fever

    Prepare root powder of Punarnava. Make decoction of this powder, giloy and tulsi leaves. This is diuretic and helps to remove toxins from body.

This herb is really great medicine to treat jaundice and other liver related health problems. Fresh juice of root is bitter but works like magic in treatment of jaundice.

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