Medicinal Use Of Bathua Or Goosefoot Or Chenopodium Album

Bathua or bathuwa is also known as allgood or goosefoot. Mainly it is eaten in form of saag and in raita. It is rich in vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus and potassium . In ayurveda it is said that pregnant woman should not eat bathua as it may result in miscarriage.bathua

Some of the medicinal use of bathua is as follows

For kidney stone

it is very effective and useful in problem of kidney stone. Take tender leaves and branches of leaves and grind them to extract its juice and take 10-15 gm of it daily with or without water. This also reduces the tendency of stone formation.

For inner swelling

When bathua taken internally it helps to reduce internal swelling.

For external swelling

For external swelling cook leaves of bathua in steam and apply at place of swelling this help to reduce swelling.

For jaundice

Take bathua and giloy ras and mix them in equal proportion and take 25- 30 gm of it daily twice a day.

For irregular period

Take bathua seeds and sonth(dry ginger powder) make powder 15-20n gm boil in 400 gm of water when it reduces to 100 gm drain it and drink twice a day.

For curing infections after delivery

Take 10 gm of bathua, ajwain, methi and jaggery add dashmol and take for 10-15 days.

For anemia

Take 25-50 gm of bathua ras (juice extract from leaves after crushing) daily.

For urinary tract infections(UTI): Take 10 gm of bathua leaves ras add 50 ml of water and take with misri(candy sugar) take regularly.

For Blood purification

When bathua ras taken with 4-5 neem leaves ras it works as blood purifier.

Please also note that you should eat bathua in moderation as consuming it more may result in diarrhea.

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