Loose breast natural remedies

There are many reason for loose breasts like many pregnancy, long term breast feeding, weight loose and malnutrition. Some time due to age breast gets loose. If one is taking care of breasts then she can maintain attraction in breasts.

Here are some Ayurvedic treatment for loose breasts:

  • Eat healthy foods and do exercise regularly.
  • Add olive oil in warm milk and do lite massage of breast regularly.
  • Mix vinegar and olive oil. Do massage of breasts in sitting position and after 4-5 minutes do this in lie-down position before taking bath. Do this regularly for some time.
  • Make paste of raw mango, apply this on breasts and wait till paste gets dry and wash it. Do this for 10-15 days and see the result.
  • Make paste of vinegar and castor leaves and apply this regularly for 15 days. wash this after paste get dry.
  • Make paste of bargad tree silky roots. Apply thin layer of this for 10-15 days on breast and wash it when gets dry with cold water.   
  • Note: Do massage down to up direction only.

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