Karpooradi Thailam

karpooradi thailam is a versatile medicated oil with camphor as the major ingredient, used to relieve pain and inflammation on external application. It relieves the stiffness caused by spasm, cramp, chronic ailments etc and imparts painless movements of joints. It acts as refreshing oil for massage which also helps in soothing down the painful muscles and joints. With its pleasing fragrance it revives the mind and body.

As a medium of support it is usually mixed in adequate quantities with appropriate oils for external application in several Rheumatic conditions of joints. Since the karpooradi thailam instantly helps in alleviating pain and swelling, it is usually advised in acute ailments and blunt injuries.


Camphor, Sesame Oil

Directions of Use

Warm Oil slightly and rub on desired part of body, avoiding above the neck. Do not put on open wounds. Apply 1 hour before bathing for best results.

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