Jeerkadyarista for Postpartum disorders

After pregnancy many women?s suffers from some kind off disorders and illness. In ayurveda many medicine sand prescribed diet to cure postpartum disorders. Jeerkadyarista is an ayurvedic medicine which is used to treat post delivery disorders, diarrhoea and digestive system disorders.

Active Ingredients:

Jirak Sonth, Motha, Jaiphal, Chaturjat, Ajwain, Kankol, Clove, Dhataki, Jaggery.

Therapeutic Use

  1. Post natal care
  2. Purpueral fever
  3. Carminative (helps in relieving flatulence)
  4. Diarrhoea
  5. Dyspepsia
  6. Improves digestive system


15 to 20 ml i.e. 3 to 4 teaspoonful with equal quantity of water twice a day after meal.

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