How to ease breast tenderness

Sore breast(tenderness in breast) are generally symptom of hormonal imbalance, lymphatic congestion or premenstrual syndrome. This can occur in one breast or both. This can be also cause by emotional factors like sadness.

Symptoms of sore breast

The breast becomes tender, swollen and enlarged. This can occur before periods, during pregnancy or breast feeding.

In ayurveda sore breast can be treated by using simple natural methods and herbs.

Do gentle massage with one spoon castor oil from inside to outwards, from sternum back towards armpit , around nipple before taking bath and before going to bed. Do this gently. This will provide relief from soreness.

Sore breast can also occur due to water retention. To reduce swelling make following mixture of herbs

Equal parts of punarnava, satavari and musta, Make tea of this by adding 1/2 teaspoon mixture in 1 cup hot water, drink this tea and then massage as given above. This will help you for sure.

Do not apply castor oil on areola and nipple if you are doing breast feeding because castor oil can cause stomach problems to baby.

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