Home remedies for Sinusitis

Sinusitis is inflammation of sinus. Its symptoms are headache, change in voice, fever, pain in forehead, decreased smell power, nasal discharge, anorexia and swelling around eyes.
In allopathic treatment of sinusitis is antibiotics and surgery. For acute sinusitis antibiotics are prescribed that cures the infection of sinus. Along with these nasal drops are given that help to reduce the swelling. But these must be taken for few days only. For treating chronic sinusitis generally surgery is done.

Treating sinus according to ayurveda

But for treating sinusitis in ayurveda generally modification of diet is suggested. For person suffering from sinusitis it is recommended to avoid deep fried food, milk, cold water, ice creams, cold drinks, smoking, maida, spicy food instead add fruits, salad lemon juice, orange juice, ginger, honey, plenty of water in daily diet. It is important to take lukewarm water and completely avoid products that are cold as they aggravate this problem. Taking steam is also helpful. 

Remedies for getting relief from Sinusitis

  • Take tulsi leaves (11), balck pepper (11), ginger (2 gm) and misri(20 gm) in a glass of water. Boil this till water reduces to half. Take this lukewarm decoction empty stomach.
  • Take ginger juice with honey.
  • Mix dry ginger powder, black pepper and pippali in equal quantity and make powder by grinding. Take 1/2 teaspoon twice a day with honey.
  • Do jalneti with lukewarm salinewater before breakfast. Avoid chlorinated water for jalneti.

It is always recommended to consult a ayurvedacharya if not getting relief from sinus.

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