Home remedies for absence of a menstrual period

If you are in a reproductive age and you are missing your period for long time 2-6 months and you are not pregnant then it may be very dangerous health problem and you should consult a doctor.

You can also try following natural remedies:

  • Take 30 gm saunf  and 50 gm garam masala. Boild these in three cup water till water reduces to 1 cup and filter it. When filtered water become luke warm then drink it. Do this for 2-3 times.
  • Take 125 mg afeem and 500 mg kapoor, mix both and make 4 parts and take this with water for 4 times in 2 hour interval. It also provides relief from menses pain.
  • Mix 1 gm Neem leaves juice and 12 gm ginger juice. Drink this. This will help in proper menstrual period and give relief from pain. Do this for some time it will help you certainly.
  • Boil equal quantity of black til and gud in water. Filter it and drink this regularly.
  • Make powder of 3 gm radish seeds. Then this powder for three times(1 gm).
  • Boil bathua seeds in water and drink this for some time.

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