Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap

Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap is Olive oil and Almond oil based natural bath soap for baby’s. It is mild and 100 safe for baby’s skin. These ingredients are also used in Ayurvedic medicines.


What it does?

Himalaya’s Gentle Baby Soap effectively cleanses and conditions your baby’s skin gently, leaving it soft and hydrated.Infused with the natural goodness of Olive oil and Almond oil that are rich in vitamins, Gentle Baby Soap ensures a healthy and glowing skin. Ideal for daily use. Free from artificial colours.

Key ingredients

  • Olive Oil, enriched with vitamin E, nourishes, protects and softens skin and prevents chafing. It has soothing and antimicrobial properties, which keep your baby’s skin healthy and soft.
  • Almond Oil is an excellent skin softener, which moisturizes your baby’s skin. The vitamin A in the oil fights infections.

How to use?

Wet your baby’s face and body. Apply the soap generously, gently work up lather and rinse thoroughly.

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