Health: Tips for cough, could, flu in winters

In winters cold, cough, fever become very common problems. Although we try hard to protect ourselves every year but gets infections like common cold and flu.

For some flu vaccines are available but the flu strain also keep changing every season. So even taking vaccine does not guarantee of protection. To protect ourselves it is important to have good immunity that also means even getting cold the situation remain under control. 

In winters following steps can be taken to boost immunity:

– In breakfast drink milk. Take 5 almonds with 5 black pepper and chew.

– In morning chew 5-7 leaves of Tulsi.

– Drink milk with haldi.

– Eat chayanprash.

– Chew giloy stem and swallow the juice.

– Consume one lemon daily.

– Eat citrus fruits like oranges that contain vitamin C and help in protecting against infections.

– Regularly do pranayam. Deep breathing can be done for 5 mins. Kapalbhati and anulom vilom   pranayam (alternate nasal breathing) can be can be performed for 10-15 mins.

Preventive steps to avoid cold and cough:

– Avoid cold foods from refrigerator such as ice creams, cold drinks. Do not consume stale, cold food.

– Drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of body. Drink before you feel thirsty as that means mild dehydration is already occurred and to provide for that you are feeling thirsty.

– Drink herbal tea. Also in regular tea ginger, black pepper, dalchini, tulsi leaves can be added.

– Avoid cold water instead drink lukewarm water.

– If you are prone to sore throat warm fruits before eating.

– Avoid chocolate, toffees.

– While taking infants out on bike make sure that cold air do not go directly in nose. Never forget to use caps, mitten, socks. For a little child it is important to cover ears, head and sole of feet.

– Keep ear and head covered with cap or muffler.

Home remedies to cure sore throat:

– For sore throat take lukewarm water add honey and drink.

– Drink  tea with ginger, black pepper and tulsi.

– Take I glass of water and put in pan. Add cumin seeds and garlic cloves 2-3 and boil when it reduces to half, sieve it and drink .

– Gargle with saline lukewarm water.

– Chew misri, mulathi, and kali mirch.

– In case of coughing during night apply vics vapo rub on sole of feet and wear cotton socks before sleeping.

Home remedy for fever:

– In case of fever use giloy and tulsi decoction. This is good for improving immunity and curing fevers due to viral and bacterial infection.

– In case of children below one year any fever is dangerous so immediately consult doctor.

For  children above 2, if fever persists more than 3 days then do not delay and go to pediatrician immediately because initially if child has viral infection of cold and cough then it may change to bacterial infection in chest and pneumonia may develop. 

As a home remedy 2-3 spoon mustard oil with 1 spoon ajwain , 7-8  garlic clove can be heated and when light warm apply on sole of feet.

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