Health: Benefits of saunf(Fennel)

Saunf is very common in culinary and medicinal uses due to its aromatic and medicinal properties. Green leaves, flowers and fruits(seeds) of saunf are used in food and medicine.

Here I am writing some very simple and effective medicinal use of saunf(Fennel).

– If you are suffering from omitting then boil 100 gm saunf in 250 ml milk. Filter it and add some sugar to it and drink it will help you to stop omitting.

– In stomach pain eat saunf by chewing it, it will relieve you from stomach pain.

– In mouth odour you should chew saunf. It will make your breath fresh.

– In constipation you should drink milk before sleeping by adding 1 gm gukand and saunf. It will keep  constipation away.

– Take powdered saunf with cold water, it will provide relief from body and urine pain.

– In insomnia and headache eat 1.5 gm saunf with milk in night.

– Regular use of saunf keeps eyes and brain healthy.

– For gloving skin eat 10 gm saunf two times daily in morning and evening.

– To get relief from burning sensation mix equal quantity of coriander and fennel and grind it very fine. Mix some mishri and eat 1 spoon after meal with water.

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