Health: Benefits of Garlic

Garlic or Allium sativum is native of central Asia and very good for human health. It is said to be “amrit phal” because of its countless medicinal properties such as anti-microbial, antifungal and antibacterial etc. it contains manganese, phosphorous, vit B6, vit C, calcium, copper, iron and zinc.

Garlic natural remedies

The health benefits of garlic are numerous and a lot whole books have been written about it but here I have tried to list some of them.

Cardiovascular benefits:

garlic contain ant clotting, anti inflammatory, and anti oxidant properties. It helps to reduce blood pressure due to presence of allicin and polysulfides. Presence of vitamin c gives it anti oxidant properties that reduces free radicals in blood and this way prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Iron metabolism:

garlic help in metabolism of iron.


garlic is active against various microbes such as e coli, dysentery bacteria and viruses.

Blood disorder:

garlic removes toxins from body and helps to purify blood.

Skin disorders:

it cure skin disorders when applied on affected area. For example to cure ring worm rub garlic clove at that place. The place gets burnt and skin peels off.

Immunity booster:

vit c, B6, selenium, manganese make it immunity booster. Studies have also shown those who eat garlic daily get lesser cold and cough.

Digestive system:

garlic stimulate secretion of digestive juices. So to cure problems related to digestin it is advisable to take garlic. Also for any inflammation in stomach it acts as antiseptic and cures it. For mild diarrhea garlic can be taken.

Joint pain:

in case of joint pain make paste of garlic and fry with olive oil and apply at joints. This can be used daily to get relief from joint pain.

Garlic contain sulfur compound alliin which gives it distinct smell. For obtaining maximum benefit from garlic best way to eat is in raw form. Although cooking destroy some of the nutrients but not all. But avoid cooking it in microwave because within one minute it loses it all sulfur enzymes. Adding garlic in daily diet definitely helps to maintain good health.

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