Headache Treatment with Pippalimoola

Pippalimool is root of Pipplai(Long pepper) herb and used a medicine in ayurvedic medicine system. Long pepper(pippali) has great healing properties and it has been used in many Ayurvedic medicines to treat various health problems.

Headache is pain in upper head part can be caused by many health reasons. Headache itself not a disease as it is symptom of many other diseases. It can caused by several diseases like gastric migraine, refractory error, mental tension, sinusitis, flu, viral fever, typhoid etc.


Sudden and severe headache along with symptoms like high fever, vomiting, convulsion, visual symptoms, stiffness in the neck and loss of consciousness needs urgent medical assistance. These type of headache should not be treated with home remedies. In these type of cases one should visit a doctor or hospital immediately.

Ayurvedic herbal medicine Pippalimoola is good to treat mild to moderate headache. This can be prepared at home and there is know known side effect if used as directed.

How to prepare Pippalimool?

Take 50 gm dried roots of long pepper and make fine powder using grinder and filter it using some cotton cloth. Store this powder in air tight jar. Make sure that herb is not older than 1 years after harvested.

Medicinal uses of Pippalimool

Headache, insomnia, cough, cold, and chronic bronchitis.

Dosage of Pippalimool

It should be take 2 times daily empty stomach with warm water, milk or preferably with clarified butter.

Adults 2-3 gm and children 250 mg-500 mg each dose.

Side Effects and precautions

  • No toxic effect or adverse reaction is reported with recommended dose of Pippali root powder.
  • This should avoided in pregnancy and can be consumed by breast feeding women.
  • Pippalimool is hot in nature as can be used with caution in summers.

Note: During medication with Pippalimool, diet should be simple, easily digestible and free from spicy and pungent-bitter-astringent food items.

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