Fenugreek seeds to control type 2 diabetes

Fenugreek(Methi) seeds are used to control type 2 diabetes in Indian Ayurvedic medicines system since thousands years and for most of the people it is effective if they follow prescribed diet in ayurveda for diabetes. But as usual this effect on diabetes is also a topic of debate and there are many studies performed on it.

Many studies has been done on fenugreek seed effectiveness on type 2 diabetes and result are positive if taken 20gm(2-4 parts) a day. It takes time to showing effects(after 8 weeks). Here is one study which shows positive results.

Most important thing when using fenugreek seeds is how you are using it, it will do nothing if you have not taken properly.

How to take fenugreek seeds in type-2 diabetes fenugreek-seeds

  • 1st effective method is make powder of fenugreek seeds and soak 10 gm in hot water and take it early in morning and in night before going to bed. Total 20 gm in a day.
  • Soak 10 gm seeds in water and chew and swallow it, but this is very difficult so try first method.
  • Do not take whole seeds because no one can digest if it is not powdered.
  • Do not soak or mix with any other thing except water.

Precautions in using fenugreek seed

As there is no serve side effect if not consumed very high dosage. This can cause allergy to some people like stomach bloating, swelling in face and others. So do not take if you are allergic to fenugreek.

It is advised that use this with consultation of some ayurvedic doctor and monitor your glucose levels.

Fenugreek(Methi) can be really helpful to financially weak population suffering with type 2 diabetes, as fenugreek seeds are very cheap and easily available in market.

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