Ear Boils Home remedies

Some time due to dust, germs or some other infection  inside ear canal small boils are developed. Ear boils are very painful and some time leads to very difficult condition. Some time it clears by itself and some time needs treatment.

For treating Ear boils are are many simple home remedies:

  • Extract juice of marigold leaves, heat this juice and put inside are 2-3 drops in interval of 6-8 hors.
  • Extract juice of Tulasi(Holly Basil) and mix some Kapoor and put inside ear(1-2 drops). This will clear boils inside ear.
  • Boil Neem leaves in water and filter it. Now put 2-3 drop 3 times a day or you can simply use neem oil.
  • Mix equal quantity of Haldi powder(Turmeric) and fitkari powder(Alum). Now fix them in mustard oil and put inside ear by heating this to luke warm.
  • Take equal quantity of garlic, ginger and radish juice. Mix them put 2-3 drops in ear. This will clear boils from ear.
  • Cook garlic clove in mustard oil on slow flame till garlic gets brown. Now put 2 drops of oil in ear.
  • Roast onion and extract juice and put 2-3 drops in ear.

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