Curing Teeth cavity naturally

In Ayurveda there are lot of herb and diet for keeping teeth healthy and strong. Here are some method to keep teeth healthier taken from yog sandesh magazine.

Ayurvedic Medicine for tooth Cavity

– Bark of pomegranate and alum should be ground together and made a tooth powder. This should be used twice daily morning and evening.

– Make a powder of rock salt, black pepper, and tobacco leaves. Mix it in mustard oil and apply on teeth.

– Boil 50 gm Gourd and 10 gm garlic in 10 liter water after grinding. Make it half and do gargle three or four times daily. The bacteria in the teeth will die and come out.

– Boil tender leaves of Jamun in water. Gargle with this water.

– Grind four or five clove mix lemon juice rub on the teeth. The germs in the teeth are destroyed.

– Boil five leaves of guava, two cloves and 5 gm caraway seeds in one gm water. Gargle repeatedly with this water.


– Eat light and easily digestible food.

– Do not eat gourd, bottle gourd, tinda, potato, rice, refined flour, gram flour etc. do not eat cold food.

– If there is sensation in the teeth by cold water or air drink warm water and gargle with it.

– Do not use pain relieving tablet for tooth ache.

– Do not allow constipation to occur in the stomach.

Tooth Ache

– Apply asofoedita on teeth and gums.

– Apply clove oil on aching tooth.

– Rub Turmeric powder gently tooth ache will vanish.

– Warm concoction of jaggery and water can be used for gargle. The tooth ache vanishes.

– Grind roasted cumin with half spoon black salt rub on tooth and gums.
– Put banyan milk in cotton wool and press between the teeth or gums.
– Apply ripe pineapple juice in the teeth or gums.
– Take a pinch of salt. Mix with mustard oil. Keep it between teeth. Gargle after 10 minutes.
– Take nutmeg oil in cotton wool and keep between teeth. Bacteria will also die.

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