Castor poultice

Castor plant is fast growing perennial shrub which is easily available in open areas, wastelands and jungles.  Its leaves, seeds, roots are used for medicinal purpose. Its leaves poultice is useful in burns, boils, sore, skin infections, joint pain etc. its seeds are also used to prepare poultice.

General Information

Latin name: Ricinus communis
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Sanskrit: Eranda
Hindi: Arandi, Erandi, Erand
Gujrati: Diveli
Bengali: Bherenda
Kannada: Haralu, Manda, oudla
Oriya: Jada
Kannada: Haralu, Manda, Oudla
Tamil: Amanakku, Kootaimuttu, Amanakkam
Telugu: Erandamu

Castor leaves poultice is prepared by crushing leaves, frying in castor oil and spreading on the muslin cloth that is wrapped around skin for 30 – 60 minutes.

Castor leaves poultice is useful in

  • Curing constipation (apply on abdomen)
  • Improving lactation (Apply on breasts)
  • Swelling, boils, sores
  • Arthritis, rheumatism swelling
  • Headache

Castor seeds poultice is prepared by grinding seeds, adding water, spreading on cloth which is applied on skin.
Castor seeds poultice gives relief from joint swelling and pain in gout, arthritis and rheumatism.

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