Best tips to get relief from sore throat

Sore throat or throat infection is very common during winters. Throat infection causes pain in throat, difficult and painful swallowing.  The various reasons for sore throat are cold, cough, weather change, viral infections and pollution.  This condition is generally caused due to virus and in such cases antibiotics must be avoided. 

Here are few tips that helps to give relief in sore throat. 

  • Chew small piece of liquorice root
  • Put roasted cloves (2-3) in mouth
  • Drink herbal tea prepared from holy basil, black pepper and honey
  • Drink adequate amount of water
  • For drinking purpose, use only lukewarm water
  • Avoid smoking
  • Gargle with saline water
  • Avoid cold food items

Recipe of Gargling solution

Frequent gargling gives relief in throat pain. For preparing gargling solution take a cup of lukewarm water and add salt and pinch of turmeric.  Use this solution to gargle after every two to three hours.  This gives relief in throat infection and also helps in faster recovery.

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