Best 5 Ayurvedic Medicines for typhoid

Ayurvedic medicines and ayurvedic home remedies for treating typhoid, details of medicine, dosage, precaution etc.

Typhoid fever is also known as enteric fever (Motijhara, daane wala bukhar in local language). It is caused by bacteria Salmonella typhi.


This disease spreads by consuming contaminated food, drinks and water. The symptoms of typhoid fever appear few weeks after exposure. This fever has tendency to repeat. When a person suffer from typhoid fever initially few symptoms such as headache, weakness, discomfort, feverish feeling appear. The body temperature rises through the day which continues for a week. Then after that high fever appears which remains for weeks. There can be pain, loose motion or constipation, gurgling sound and abdominal tenderness. Red color spots appear on abdomen, chest.

Typhoid fever also causes enlargement of the liver and spleen. This directly affects appetite and digestion. For diagnosing and confirming typhoid stool tests, blood culture, CBC are performed. Since this disease can be life threatening so it is important to diagnose and treat it timely.

Symptoms of typhoid fever

  • Loss of appetite, excessive thirst
  • High grade Fever, irregular bowels with smell
  • Low immunity, headaches, discomfort
  • Rash on chest, abdomen
  • Liver weakness
  • Swelling in intestine

Ayurvedic medicines to treat typhoid

  • Soubhagya bati – 125 mg, Prawal pisti – 125 mg, Giloya satwa – 250 mg
    One dose x twice with Adarak swaras.
  • Brahmi bati (SW) – 125 mg, Soubhagya bati – 125 mg, Giloya – 250 mg
    One dose x twice with honey followed with water boiled with clove.
  • Sanejeevani bati – 125 mg, Ramban – 125 mg, Giloya – 250 mg
    One dose x twice with roasted Jeera powder.
  • Lohasav  – 20 ml, Draksasav 2 tablespoon full
    After meal x twice with water.
  • Giloy ghan vati

    Dosage: For below 8 years children (1/2 tablet), thrice a day with water For below 8-15years children (1 tablet), thrice a day with water For below Adult (2 tablets), thrice a day with water

  • Sudarshan ghan vati

    The Dosage of Sudarshan vati is same as of giloy ghan vati.

  • Jwar nashak kwath

    Boil kwath (5 gms) in water (400 ml) till volume reduces to one fourth. Filter and drink twice a day.

  • Isabgol

    If you suffer from constipation then you can take isabgol husk in milk.

  • Sajeevani vati

    In early stages of typhoid Sanjeevani vati (1-2 tablet) can be taken twice a day.

Home remedies for typhoid

Take deseeded munakka or dried grapes (8-10), anjeer (4-5) and khoob kalan (2 gms). Add water and grind to make chutney. Eat this chutney twice a day.
Or prepare decoction of munakka (15 gms) and khoob kalan in water (1000 ml). When volume reduces to 300 ml, filter and drink. This decoction should be taken thrice a day.

What to eat in Typhoid fever

Papaya, Apple, Cheeku, Milk, Fruit juices, seasonal fruits which are easy to digest, easily digestible and light food such as moong khichdi.

What not to eat in Typhoid fever

Cold drinks, spices, condiments, smoking, tobacco, tea, coffee, fast foods, junk foods.


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