Ayurvedic management of menopausal syndrome

During the period menopause take place women?s suffers from many physical and psychological changes which can cause mild to moderate health conditions. This process takes 12 month to permanent shutdown ovarian function.

Menopause process typically starts after 40~50 years age and some menopause can be due to surgical procedures. When menopause process starts most women can experience physical or mental health problems which symptoms can include hot flushes, sweeting, change in mood, problem in sleeping, virginal discomfort   etc. and these can affect the life. These symptoms can vary from women to women from mild to severe.

Treatment of menopausal syndrome

To treat of manage these problems one can use natural remedies like life style changes, adding exercise changing diet etc. But there are medication which can help to manage menopausal syndrome.

Ayurvedic medicines

In case of mild to moderate symptoms ayurvedic medicine are very effective and they have no side effect. Ashokarishta, Ashwagandha churna, Pravel Pishti ayurvedic medicines are very effective if taken together. These medicines can be used to treat condition by consulting an ayurvedic doctor.

There are several clinical investigation has be performed on group of patients and positive results found for mild to moderate menopausal syndrome.

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