Ayurveda : Papaya leaves for curing dengue fever

Papaya leaves juice is very helpful for increasing platelets count in human body, this is based on our experience with dengue fever.

papaya leaves


Papaya is very common fruit in India. Ripe papaya is said to be best fruit for good digestive system. While raw papaya, papaya leave, and raw papaya has some very significant medicine properties and can be toxic if consumed in very high quantity. Raw fruit, stem and bark of papaya releases a latex fluid . This fluid and green leaves of papaya contains contains carpaine which removes parasite from body but this can be dangerous in high dose.

you can use it in curing dengue as it increases platelets in blood and gives immunity to body, which help in recovery from dengue fever.

How to use in dengue fever ?

  • Take 2-3 fresh leaves of papaya.
  • Wash leaves with cold / normal temperature water very carefully.
  • Remove all stems(possible) from leaves.
  • Pound them and squeeze juice using clean cotton cloth filter.
  • Give 1-2 table spoon, one or two time daily. (Keep dosage small as this can cause problems in high dose.)

This is really very effective in dengue recovery, you can ignore it bitter taste.

Note: Please use this only as supplement to increase your platelets count with your doctors prescribed medicines.

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