Ayurveda: Medicinal use of Turmeric

Turmeric or Haldi is used in Ayurveda for various health problems such as arthritis pain, improvement of liver function, lowering cholesterol, mouth ulcers, cold, cough, fever, swelling and as fairness treatment medicine. It is full of medicinal properties and in India it is impossible to find any house without turmeric.

Ayurvedic remedies of turmeric

Turmeric-powder” by Sanjay Acharya – en-wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

It is available in kitchen as spice to be added in curry, dal and vegetable preparation. Turmeric is anti aging, anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, and anti bacterial. Turmeric contain manganese, iron, vit B6 and potassium. Here are some of the medicinal use of turmeric.

Arthritis pain: using turmeric in arthritis pain reduces stiffness, inflammation of joints and gives relief. Curcumin present in turmeric or Haldi is anti oxidant and reduces free radicals that causes damages to healthy cells. Its anti inflammatory properties give relief from pain.

Improving liver function:

Haldi helps to improve liver function by reducing the damage of fats and producing detoxifying enzymes.

Lowers cholesterol:

Curcumin present in turmeric helps to reduce cholesterol .

Fever due to cold:

To cure fever mix Haldi and black pepper in warm milk and drink.


Adding turmeric with honey and licking gives relief from cold and cough.

For de worming: drinking ½ tbs juice of fresh turmeric daily helps in deworming.

For wounds:

Mix mustard oil and turmeric and heat this mixture. Let it cool and apply on cuts and wounds to get fast healing.

For internal injury:

Take 1-3 gm of turmeric and equal amount of sugar and eat to cure internal injury.

For swelling:

Sometimes falling on hard surface in kids cause swelling. Applying turmeric mixed with onion paste on affected area with help of cotton gives relief in such case.

Mouth ulcers:

Take 1 tbs of turmeric and boil in ½ liter of water and gargle twice a day.

Use after delivery:

Adding ½ tbs of turmeric in warm milk and drinking regularly post delivery helps In internal healing, blood purification and good quality breast milk.

Sun burn:

For sun burn, tanning mix turmeric with badam powder and curd and apply for 10 mins.

Fairness and glowing skin:

Mix turmeric with besan, almond oil and milk and apply on skin to get fair. But keep in mind besan causes dryness of skin so do not apply it for more than 15 mins. Mix butter and turmeric and apply for 15 min then wash off.

Skin cleansing:

Mix turmeric with raw milk and apply with cotton and when it get dry wash off.

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