Ayurveda: Cardio Vascular Remedies of Garlic

Garlic or Lahsun(in hindi) has important cardio protective properties. Garlic contain sulfur compounds that help cardiovascular system by Preventing oxidative damage of blood vessels. This has been clinically proven that garlic is very good for overall Cardio health.

Garlic good for heart

Medicinal use of Garlic for Cardiac Health

  • Preventing clots formation inside blood vessels
  • Preventing unwanted contraction of our blood vessels that causes rise in blood pressure.
  • Blockage of blood vessel
  • Unwanted inflammation of blood vassals.
  • Due to sulfur content H2s forms inside that causes dilation of blood vessels and thus reduces blood pressure.
  • Anti oxidant so reduces free radical in blood stream
  • Lowering levels of homo-cysteine that causes damage to blood vessel

In ayurveda garlic used is recommended to control high blood pressure

For this there is a preparation called “Lahsun Ksheer Pak” which is very good for improving heart problems.

  • The process of Lahsun Ksheer Pak is as follows
  • Take four cloves of Lahsun (garlic)
  • Boil them in 1/2 cup water and a 1/2 cup milk.
  • When it reduces to half then filter it and drink.

There is no known side effect of this.

So for controlling cholesterol levels and lowering high blood pressure you should eat garlic daily some time raw some time cooked, but raw garlic is more effective.

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