Ayurveda: Black Pepper remedies

Black pepper is used as spice and seasoning all over the world. Due to its medicinal properties it is used to cure indigestion, toothache, appetizer, vomiting, constipation, fever ,skin allergy and many more.

Let us know how to use black pepper as medicine to cure problems

For indigestion use black pepper

– Take ginger juice and black pepper powder mix and take. Also chutney of garlic with black pepper helps to cure indigestion.

In toothache use  black pepper

– Take ½ cup water add 1/8 tbs black pepper powder and boil it for  5-7 mins. Then filter it and gargle by keeping in small  amount in mouth for 30 sec.

Lack of appetite

– Take 1 tbs of honey and add black pepper powder and eat.

Using black pepper in nausea and vomiting

– Take black pepper powder with lemon and rock salt.

Using black pepper in constipation

– At night boil milk with 4-5 grains of black pepper and drink.

Skin allergy

– Apply black pepper powder with cow ghee at affected area.

In fever

-Make decoction of giloy, black pepper and tulsi and drink.

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