Ayurveda: Bad breath prevention

Bad breath(Halitosis) is very common problem in all over world. There are many factor’s which are responsible for bad breath like mouth bacteria, gum problem, foods like garlic, onion, radish, fish, meat, fermented foods, stomach problems, smoking etc. Bad breath may vary in day because it depends upon a number of things.

Here are main cause of bad breath problem

  • Mouth is main cause for bad breath because hundreds type of bacteria found in mouth. If you are not cleaning your mouth properly after eating some thing then bacteria present on your tongue and gums will start producing malodorous compounds and fatty acids which cause bad breath.
  • You your gums have some kind if infection then that also is a cause of bad breath.
  • Foods like fermented foods, garlic, onion radish produce odors from mouth, so avoid them in day time.
  • Stomach, problem is also big reason for bad breath

Bad breath prevention

  • Cleaning of mouth after you eat anything, cleaning of tongue with tongue cleaner.
  • For temporary relief you can used chewing gums, mouth fresheners, cardamom etc.
  • Drink lot of water.
  • You can use basil leaves.
  • You can use clove in mouth it will fix your gum problems also.
  • Use toothbrush after every meal.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Use some mouth wash.

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