Ayurveda : Arjuna (Terminalia) Tree for curing cardiac problems

Arjuna is a tree with rich medical properties for curing heart diseases. This is also know as “Kahu” in Varanasi region. From very ancient time Baidya (Aurvedacharya) are using this tree’s bark to curing heart disease.

Arjuna tree is large size deciduous (60-90 Fit) tree. This tree can be found any where in India, in east part of India it can be easily found on banks of river’s. Indian’s forest department also doing plantations of Arjuna and even you can find it in Delhi NCR region but these threes are very young planted by different authorities as it is an evergreen tree.

You can use bark of this tree (Old tree will be best because bark of old Arjuna is thick) for controlling heart related problems. It controls cholesterol level and strengthens heart muscles for proper functioning of Heart.

For using this you have to boil 2-3 , one inch sized bark in 200 ml water for 10-15 minutes and drink it two times daily as heart tonic.

It will be better to take advice of Ayurveda  physician.

In India there are many pharmaceutical companies which are making ayurvedic medicine name “Arjunarishta” from this tree. You can find it very easily at any medical shop.

I have takes on picture of young Arjuna tree in NOIDA on road dividers :).

Arjuna tree

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