Recipe: Spicy Cookies in MWO

If you have oven or MWO with grill at home then you can make many baked snacks. Here I am writing very simple and healthy recipe for making spicy cookies at home.


- Wheat flou r 1 cup

- Butter 1 cup

- Sugar 2 spoon

- Salt to taste

- Baking powder 1 tsp

- Curry patta, Mint leaves, Green coriander leaves,  Ginger finely chopped 3 spoon

- Curd 3 spoon


- Mix wheat flour, baking powder and salt

- Then add butter and sugar and mix well

- Now mix Curry patta, Mint leaves, Green coriander leaves, Ginger

- Now add curd to mixture and kneed well

- Make desired shaped cookies

- Pre-heat MWO at 200 C

- Put cookies on baking tray

- Put baking tray on lower rack in MWO and bake it for 15 minutes using grill option of MWO

- Spicy cookies are ready to serve.

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