Recipe: Moroccan Carrot and Orange salad

Moroccan cuisines are very colorful and easy to make. I tried carrot and orange salad. This salad dish is very simple and will add beauty to you dining table as well as add citrus taste to you foods.


- 2 grated carrots medium size

- 2 peeled oranges slices by removing skin or Simply use juice of orange

- 1 tbl spoon lemon juice

- 1 spoon sugar or some sugar syrup as per your taste

- Salt as per taste

- Black pepper powder 1-2 pinch

- Cinnamon powder 1-2 pinch

- 1 tbl spoon sesame/olive oil( Optional)

- Mint leaves Optional 


- Add all ingredient in a bowl and mix them well.

- Garnish with mint leaves and serve as side dish.

Note: You can adjust quantity of spices or skip some as per your taste.

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