Medicinal Uses of Peepal Tree

Peepal Tree is most holy tree in Hindu mythology as it is devoted to God Vishnu. Peepal has many medicinal attributes and has many important mentions in Indian Ayurvedic medicine system, It is used to treat various infections, healing of wounds, improve fertility and treat poisoning. The Peepal tree is worshiped in India.


Sanskrit name: Ashwatha, Pippala
English name: Peepal tree, Sacred fig
Hindi or common name: Pipal, pipli, pipar
Scientific name: Ficus religiosa Linn

Peepal tree is native to the Indian sub-continent. It can also be seen in Tibet and China as well. It is a large evergreen tree which can reach heights up to 30 meters. The trunk of the tree can be up to 3 meters in diameter. The leaves are shaped cordate and the fruits are small figs which are just about 1 cm in diameter.

Medicinal uses of Peepal

  • Peepal leaves milk can be applied in eyes to treat eye pain.
  • Doing toothbrush with fresh twigs of Peepal is very good for teeth and mouth.
  • In case of bleeding nose, put some drops of Peepal leaves juice. It will provide instant relief.
  • Fresh juice and latex of Peepal leaves are good moisturiser. Apply on dry skin it will moisturise and nourish skin.
  • It’s bark has great healing properties, you can apply paste of Peepal bark on boils, cut and burn to treat them.
  • Fruits of Peepal are full of nutrition. They can treat male and female infertility. Fruits can also be used by dried them and making powder.
  • In case of jaundice extract juice of 3-4 soft leaves. Mix this juice in water and add some refined sugar. Give this for 2 time a day for 4-5 days. It will help in treatment of jaundice
  • Take equal part of fruit powder and bark powder to get relief from asthma.
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