Natural Home Remedies of Apple

Apple is one of the valuable fruits on earth with rich nutritional and medicinal properties. Their are many references to this fruit uses in different cultures and medicines systems. This fruit can be found very easily throughout world. There are more than 7500 varieties of apple grown all over world.


Nutrition values of Apple(Fresh)

Nutritional values per 100 gram

Water 86.4% Calcium 10 mg
Protein 0.2% Phosphorus 14 mg
Fat 0.5% Iron 1 mg
Fibre 1.0% Vitamin A 40 IU
Mineral 0.3% Small amount of Vitamin E, C, B complex ***
Carbohydrates 13.4% Calorie value 59

Skin of Apple contains more vitamin C than inner part and skin also contains Vitamin A.

Medicinal uses of Apple

There are many useful application of apple fruit to treat and control various health problems. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine system there are many references of this fruit. Pectin, natural therapeutic ingredient found in the inner portion of the rind and the pulp Pectin aids in detoxification by supplying the “galaciuronic acid” needed for the elimination of certain harmful substances It also helps to prevent decomposition of protein matter in the alimentary canal. The malic acid contained in the apple is beneficial to the bowels, liver and brain.

Here are some common uses of apple to treat various health problems.


Apples are good source of dietary fibre and eating 2 apple daily will provide sufficient fibre to make bowel movement smooth. So in case of constipation eat 2 apple daily with outer skin.


Apples have been found useful in acute and chronic dysentery among children. Ripe and sweet apples should be crushed info pulp and given to the child several times a day, from one to four tablespoonful, according to age of children.

Anaemia(iron deficiency)

Extract juice of 500 gm fresh apple and drink it. Take it twice daily 30 min before meal and before going to bed in night.


Apples are very effective the treatment of all types of headache. A ripe apple, after removing the upper rind and the inner hard portion should be taken with a little salt every morning empty stomach. This should be continued for about a week. It will cure disgusting chronic headache also.

Rheumatic Afflictions

Apples are excellent food medicine for gout, arthritis and rheumatism especially when these diseases are caused by uric acid. The malic acid contained in apples is believed to neutralise the uric acid. Apples, boiled to a jelly, make a very good liniment for rheumatic pains. They should be rubbed freely on the affected area.

Kidney Stones

Apples are very useful in treatment kidney stones.

Dry Cough

Sweet apples are very effective in dry hacking cough. Eat 250 grams of sweet apples for 1-2 week to get relief from dry cough.

Dental Disorders

Due to it’s cleansing property, eating apple after meal has same effect as doing toothbrush after meal. The acid of the apple also exerts an antiseptic influence upon the germs.

How to use Apple

The apple is generally taken raw and is used as a dessert fruit. Apples can be used as a salad and taken with other fruits, or cooked or baked, they can also be used in the form of dried apple, apple jelly, apple juice or cider and vinegar. Freshly prepared apple juice is one of the best fruit juices.

Precautions: Apples should not be consumed on an empty stomach as it may lead to indigestion Apples are often sprayed with poisonous chemicals to prevent them from decay, the fruits should be thoroughly washed and cleaned in all possible ways before consumption.

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