Vitamin D Supplement Calcirol sachet

As we know that vitamins are very important for healthy body and brain and vitamin D is one of them. Vitamin D is required to absolve calcium from our body and for other organ function like heart, brain etc.  This is only vitamin which is produced by our body naturally when out body exposed to sunlight. But now days due to our life style most of the people do not get enough exposure to sunlight which results deficiency of vitamin D and causes sever health problems.

As per my experience my migraine trigger is Vitamin D deficiency. To over come this i use to spend 1 hour in direct sunlight or if not possible for long time then i use vitamin D3 supplement.

calcirolCalcirol sachet from Cadila is very good supplement for vitamin D, there are others also, but i use this after vitamin D deficiency is diagnosed in pathological tests. Doctor has prescribed me vitamin D supplement once in a week for 1 month.

Direction to use

It is always recommended that use this product after consulting a doctor because only doctor can tell you what and how much you need.

In general it is recommended to use 1 G sachets once in a week.

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