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Medicinal Use Of Arjun tree

Terminalia arjuna or Arjun tree is a large tree native to India and found throughout country. It is used in preparation of various Ayurvedic medicine. It is excellent for treating cardiac problems like hypertension, chest pain, insomnia, headache etc. Arjun tree bark decoction is used to flush out kidney stone from body.

General Information

Latin Name: Terminalia Arjuna
Sanskrit: Arjuna, Dhanvi, Indradruma, Kakubha, Karvirak
Hindi: Koha, Arjun, Arjuna, Arjan, Kahu
English: White Marudah, Tropical almond, Arjun, Malabar almond, Arjuna
Bengali: Arjhan
Gujarati:  Sadado, Sadada
Marathi: Arjuna, Arjun Sadada, Sadura
Oriya: Arjuna, Sahajo
Telugu: Thella Maddi
Tamil: Marudha Maram
Thai: Dhanvi, Rok Faa Khaao, Kakubha

Here are few remedies that can be done at home to cure various clinical conditions.

  • Heart diseases

    Take fresh bark of Arjun tree (10-15 gm), grind it and boil in water (300 ml) till volume reduces to one fourth. Drink this decoction twice a day.
    Or dry its bark and grind to make powder. Take this powder (5 gm) and prepare boil in water (450 ml) till volume reduces to half. Filter and drink twice a day.  This helps to improve heart function.
  • Oral, gum problem, mouth ulcer, infections

    Prepare decoction of fresh Arjun bark and gargle with this to cure oral gum problems and oral infections.
  • Ear pain

    Extract Arjun leaf juice and put few drops in ear.
  • Hyperpigmentation, pimples on face

    Apply paste of Arjun bark on affected areas.
  • Hypertension, stress, Headache

    Take bark powder (5 gm) and boil in water ( 200 ml) till volume reduces to one fourth. Filter and drink.
  • Leucorrhoea (Shevt pradar)

    Soak bark powder (2 tbsp) in water at night. Next morning drink this water. Or prepare decoction and drink regularly.
  • Bone diseases, Bone fracture, Amoebiasis, Digestive problems
    Drink decoction of Arjun bark.
  • Chronic fever, Sinusitis, cough

    Prepare decoction of Arjun bark powder, neem leaves and tulsi leaves. Filter and drink.
  • Leucoderma (Safed Kustha)

    Prepare paste of of Arjun bark, punarnava mool, Bakuchi seeds and apply on affected area.